Crazy Beach Special - What a whey to holiday!

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Crazy BEACH Special!

Stay lean and healthy while you holiday… And why not? It’s easier than you think!


Buy two tubs of 2kg WHEY POWER @ R795 each… and get a third tub (2kg...valued @ R795) for FREE!

WHAT????  Yes, the third tub = 2kgs – that’s 50 servings AT NO CHARGE!



What's in Whey Power? 50 servings of:

  28 grams Whey Protein

  Only 620kJ (150 Cal) per serving

  NO added carbs

  6 grams L-Glutamine

  6 grams BCAA’s (prevents muscle breakdown)

  MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) for energy if you’re on low carbs

  NO stimulants

  Derived from grass-fed cattle and GMO free

  TASTES AWESOME in just WATER! Mixes easily...


Suggested use: Simply add one scoop of Whey Power to your breakfast oats or smoothie… or simply drink in water – Tastes delicious!

Drink anytime... Great as a tasty, low-kilojoule vanilla treat for when you’re at the beach. Refreshing and non-fattening!

Suitable for (lacto) vegetarians


Here is a VERY easy-to-do Holiday Plan:



Oats or Muesli

1 scoop Whey Power (whey protein only)



Fruit smoothie: (In blender).

1 scoop Whey Power (whey protein only)

Berries, Pineapple, Banana, Ginger



Mix an iced Whey Power for the beach


Handful of nuts or seeds




Protein: Meat/chicken/fish OR if you don’t feel like cooking, then 1 scoop Whey Power

Green Salad or Green veg

Dressing: Olive oil

Ice-lolly made with Whey Power and fruit, sprinkled with nuts


Protein: Meat/chicken/fish OR 1 scoop Whey Power

Baked potatoes and/veg with coconut oil

Green Salad with olive oil

Late night snack: If peckish!

1 scoop Whey Power in water