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94.7 Race "Pack" 2016

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COMING SOON! Our new “Souties” A salty oats crunchie, with Pea protein, Cassava root, Coconut oil, Kalahari and Himalayan salt! For when you need a savoury bite to perform! Nothing sweet about it..


94.7 Race Pack: We’ve made things SUPER easy for you!

Single servings

A Race Pack/Combo consists of:
1 x serving EnduraShake
4 x servings of 750ml EnduraPower mix
2 x Slices of Joobies

How to use:
Before: Take the EnduraShake 45 minutes before the start
During: Drink 750mls per hour during, enough for 4 hours
For a boost: Take a Joobie, take a second Joobie 30 minutes from the finish

Extra single servings available, if you’d like to carboload before or if you need extra for the ride.

Price: R160

Available now! Tell your family and friends