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Category: Fatloss


LEANPLEX- A meal shake that you can use daily- To keep your recovery good and your bodyfat low

The LeanPlex Meal Shake is a low kilojoule, high protein, low carb, low GI shake containing an excellent blend of amino acids, including L-Glutamine to facilitate recovery. For accelerated fat-loss, combine LeanPlex with a balanced diet and exercise.

Simply add water –Take LeanPlex after morning training and again at about 15h00.

  • 20 to 23 grams Protein (equivalent to a large chicken breast) of a specialised 90% full spectrum protein blend from WHEY, calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate)
  • Only low GI carbohydrates, which sustains blood sugar levels...
  • High in free-form Glutamine and Glutamine Peptides (great for recovery and for your immune system)
  • Extremely low Lactose (Digests with ease, no gas or bloating!)
  • Only 160 Calories per serving (about 2 apples only!)
  • NO Sucrose. NO ASPARTAME.
  • NO stimulants

TASTES AWESOME in just WATER! Mixes easily...

LeanPlex is available in Chocolate Malt, Vanilla Velvet and Strawberry

How do I use my LeanPlex?

  • 1 serving 10h00 or immediately after morning training
  • 1 serving 15h00

Superb in water: Milk is not necessary for taste or texture: LeanPlex is rich and creamy in water. Use at any time when you are too rushed to grab a meal!

Suggested Eating Plan to cut Bodyfat, Improve Recovery, Support Lean Muscle Tone and Increase Energy!

UPON WAKING: 2-4 Capsules of FAT-LESS

Training: A combination of Resistance Training and Cardiovascular Fitness

Resistance Training: Calisthenics, traditional Weight Training or Super Circuit. My personal favourite is Russian Kettlebell Training and Boot Camp!

Cardio: Include high intensity sprints such as Tabata Sprints as well as some long, slow distance – include varied types of cardio training.


  • One medium bowl of unflavoured original oats – (not the flavoured or caramelised type - as these are very high in hidden fats and sugars) If you need sweetness, rather add some honey.

Include some protein in your breakfast:

  • 1 Whole or 3 Egg whites if you prefer – boiled or poached


  • Simply add 1-2 scoops of LeanPlex to your oats and skip the egg – the Leanplex will replace the protein in the egg and will give you everything you need


  • One plain, unflavoured yoghurt. You can also add the yoghurt to your oats.


  • 2 Scoops LeanPlex with water or milk
  • 1 fruit (Optional)

Around Lunch: 2-4 Capsules of FAT-LESS


  • One portion (about size of your palm or fist) of skinless chicken, lean red meat (steak, beef) or fish (salmon or other fatty fish are best!)
  • One portion potato or sweet potato, brown rice or butternut / pumpkin / squashes etc - see list of low to medium glycemic carbs on the list of "Good Food Choices"
  • One generous helping of extra virgin (cold pressed) olive, coconut or flaxseed oil
  • Large portion of steamed or raw - or close to raw - veggies or salad

(Cook double quantity night before, chop up for easy eating during a busy day & pack into lunchbox for the next day).


  • 2 Scoops LeanPlex with water or fatfree milk
  • 1 fruit (Optional)


  • One small to medium portion grilled skinless chicken, or lean red meat, or fish
  • Large portion of green leafy veggies with extra virgin olive, coconut or flaxseed oil (cold pressed)
  • Small portion of starchy carbs - Choose starches from the earth - such as sweet potato, potato, butternut, squash, brown rice. (Man-made starch - such as pasta or bread is not the most nutritious choice)

General Comments to Cut Bodyfat:

  • Make sure that you eat only to 80% full. Become comfortable with not feeling full – Always leave space. If you’re not hungry a few hours later, then either you’re eating too much or your training is too low-key.
  • Keep your meals balanced – keep all 3 macronutrients: Protein, fibrous and starchy carbohydrates (not man-made ones) and healthy fats in every meal. Eliminating any one of these macronutrients is not smart in the long run.
  • Eat the colours of the rainbow in at least 2 of your meals - Include many different coloured vegetables and / or salad.
  • Stay hydrated: Drink 25-30mls x bodyweight (kgs) of water over the day plus 750mls per hour when you train.
  • Eat when you’re physically hungry: If you’re not getting hungry 4-5 times a day, then increase your training load/intensity and add more variety so that your metabolism increases. Personally, I find Kettlebell training a huge boost to metabolism.
  • Be sure to include some olive, or coconut or flaxseed oil, at both lunch and supper.
  • Get enough sleep per night. Lack of sleep eventually makes you fatter
  • Avoid or restrict alcohol - This has a highly estrogenic effect on both men and women.
  • Be consistent with your eating plan and training programme.