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False Hope Syndrome

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Category: Fatloss


“False Hope Syndrome”

At the University of Toronto, Janet Polivy has been studying what she has called ‘false hope syndrome’.

She has found that people set themselves unrealistic targets, resulting in failure, eroding their belief that they will ever achieve lasting change.


Let’s face it, we all know of at least one person who has being trying to lose weight for decades. Each time they try, they subscribe to some expert’s method whose "new", secret diet will “save” them. Each time, they were convinced that the “silver bullet” would work.


However, you can pay 10 different experts; try 10 different diets; really, really  believe that this is “THE ONE”.  The bottom line is, to lose fat, you have to create an energy deficit.


How? Train more, eat less, eat healthy.


There is no magic formula. Neither will there be. Ever. Make peace with this. 


So how do we do it?


Fat-loss is about finding ways of getting ourselves to eat better and move more. It is not based on motivation which, like all emotions, wanes. It is less about discipline and more about routine. It’s about setting realistic goals and tempering our optimism. We’re in this for the long haul (the rest of your life), so might as well be creative: Make it enjoyable and varied.


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