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Events: What to take

Category: Doing a Race? What to take...when and how..


The Cape Epic! – “The "Tour de France of mountain biking" - (Bart Brentjens, 1996 Olympic gold medallist, mountain biking and a former Absa Cape Epic winner)

8 days of intense racing, the Cape Epic has beenaccredited as hors categorie (beyond categorisation) by the Union Cycliste Internationale.


Supplements to use for the Epic: We have a SIMPLE, EFFECTIVE plan for you!


 ENDURASHAKE: A liquid food that lasts for 3.5-4 hours. It is pre-digested and exits the gut very quickly. Use in 4 ways for Epic


1.  Carbo-loader 1-3 days before


2.  MEAL BEFORE the start of the Argus - lasts 3.5-4 hours


3.  MEAL DURING: ONLY if you are a very slow cyclist: You may wish to take a serving at 3.5 hours into the event/session to help keep you going!


4.  MEAL AFTERWARDS: For Recovery!



 Hydration Drink: ENDURAPOWER

 o   Stable blood glucose levels, very high electrolytes, L-Glutamine


o   Malic acid for high-intensity


o   Great light taste

Hydration Rate:

Keep hydrating with EnduraPower at these approx rates per hour, depending on your bodyweight. 

Bodyweight x ~10 = mls H2O/hr:

75kgs = 750mls/hr 



GT Gel  

Top up your energy and electrolytes throughout the ride



Ride with JUST water in your Camelbak! The GT flask will give you 6-7 hours of riding on water alone… High electrolyes, low GI. Very light taste. Nice mouth-feel. So easy to use when you want to drink JUST water.





An ENERGY joob-joob packed full of fast carbs and electrolytes. Stops cramps (and sulking!)


Souties! A salty PROTEIN wafer....When you’re craving a salty snack.

What’s in them? Pea protein, carbohydrate (Cassava root - an African yam)

And fat from Coconut oil (MCTs)
Kalahari and Himalayan Salt….Great if you tend to cramp

Nothing sweet about them!