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Category: Inspirational Folk

Thanks once again to Tom Venuto for bringing our attention to what we all capable of! This article from Tom's website

This photo was taken a couple years ago when Jackie was 74 years old.

When you take care of yourself and start training and eating right, 44 years of age is not time for “middle aged spread”, it’s more like puberty - youre just starting to get into the best shape of your life!

Inspired by the former Miss Olympia, Rachel McLish, Jackie took up weight lifting about 20 years ago when she was in her 50’s. She hasn’t stopped since.… What an inspiration and role model! She is in  her 70's, but she looks 54.

In her fitness stage routines, Jackie does cartwheels and still does the splits. She used to do handstands a few years ago, and wants to start practicing them again so she can include them into her routine once again!

Jackie has focus and determination together with the ambition of a 22 year old. She insists that life begins at 70!

Jackie is not just a bodybuilder and fitness competitor, she is a vocalist who has performed at Carnegie hall, she teaches yoga, is a personal trainer, actress, acrobatic dancer, and motivational speaker!

“I guess I’m pretty ‘spry’”, says Jackie, “In fact, I plan to remain active my entire life - and live to be 120! Care to join me?”

Thanks Jackie for being an inspiration to me!

Take a look at another truly amazing woman: Maxine Johnson

She is a masters fitness champion and mom in her late 50’s… with a body and level of fitness of a 25-year-old!

Maxine took up the fitness lifestyle in her mid 30’s, was in the best shape of her life at age 40. She competed in her first fitness competition at age 53 and was winning fitness and figure contests at age 56. She has an amazing lean, fit and strong physique despite having three kids, working full time and managing life changes - including menopause.

“It’s not just the accumulation of years that causes aging, says Maxine, “our age is more determined by the exercise we get or don’t get, by the kinds of foods we eat or don’t eat, and how we emotionally handle the ups and downs in life… There is no difference in how I feel when I work out now compared to 20 years ago. Nothing is more difficult — quite the contrary - I am stronger and more coordinated than ever now.”

With acknowledgements to Tom Venuto